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Financial Services:
A corporation and its owner, preparing to apply for bank financing, had fallen behind with their various tax filings.

Solution: Organize the situation and obligations, review and update the books, supervise the corporation’s and owner’s submissions, and identify necessary internal controls and needed functionality to prevent a recurrence.

• Manufacturing:
A general manager had an opportunity to buy a business he had been running on behalf of the estate of its former owner.

Solution: Work with the general manager’s counsel to identify the most appropriate legal structure from which to acquire the business and its associated real estate, then implement the transition with attention to profitability, risk and compliance.

• Financial Services:
An alternative fund manager was not getting the investment performance information necessary to make investor communications in a timely manner.

Solution: Simplify management’s reporting process so that the manager could understand more immediately how his portfolio’s investments were progressing.

• Tax-Exempt:
A private foundation was preparing for its first audit.

Solution: Assist the foundation in preparing its financials consistent with the direction of its auditor without requiring the auditor to compromise its independence by ghostwriting the financials itself.

• Financial Services:
A successful serial entrepreneur had an opportunity to sell a portion of one of his companies to a private equity firm.

Solution: Advise on all aspects of the transaction with focus on tax ramifications, the value of ongoing ownership and with regard to consequences for the entrepreneur’s other businesses.

• Retail:
A successful business felt it was no longer receiving the attention it had formerly enjoyed from its previous accountant.

Solution: Began making “house calls,” introduce an HR consultant and other professionals for the protection and convenience of the business’s owner, confirm regulatory compliance and assist where additional reporting was found to be needed.

• Financial Services:
A family office wealth manager desired to create new products to exploit the expertise it had developed over years of successfully managing wealth for a handful of individuals and families.

Solution: Participate in the due diligence, development and outsourcing of administration for both a mutual fund and a fund of funds, both successfully launched in less than one year.